‘About 98% of your website visitors is browsing but not buying or booking. Do you want to convert browsers into customers?


Maximize personalisation to generate more sales, online and offline.’ 

Shopping Minds has developed personalisation software.
We build user profiles and we predict the buying intent of your site visitor. This data can be used to personalize the customer journey.

The data is not only being used for site personalization purposes, like product recommendations, but also in other channels such as e-mail, (re)targeting, and even in traditional DM or outbound calling.

Our platform connects with your e-commerce platform, CRM system and E-mail Service Provider.

For more information please call + 31 – 85 – 401 93 00 or send an email to hans.leenhouts@shoppingminds.com.

Ed Trentelman

“By creating maximum relevance in the online dialogue we have increased our e-commerce revenue with more than 12%!”

Ed Trentelman, Commercial Director Bookit / Holidaybreak Limited / Cox & Kings)


Turning your data into action. The personalization software of Shopping Minds contains a data platform which captures all user’s interactions and with the personal communication modules you can serve each visitor relevant content in all channels.