‘About 98% of your website visitors is looking but not buying or booking. Do you want more revenue from your website?


Maximize personalisation to generate more sales, online and offline.’ 

Shopping Minds has developed a Data Driven Conversion Platform with which the orientation and purchasing behaviour of your website users can be predicted and influenced in realtime.
By exposing the targeted website visitor to the right arguments we manage to persuade him to make a purchase or booking.

The behavior is not only used for personalization purposes in the website but als in other channels like email, (re)targeting advertising, product recommendations but even in traditional DM or outbound calling.

Our platform connects with your (historical) data in your Google Analytics account and fits right in your website with only one line of code.

For more information please call + 31 – 85 – 401 93 00 or send an email to hans.leenhouts@shoppingminds.com.

Ed Trentelman

“By creating maximum relevance in the online dialogue from the beginning to the end, facilitates more bookings and a higher conversion rate with new- as well as existing clients.
The more engagement, the more transactions. This cooperation and the utilization of Shopping Minds’ various propositions generate a substantial contribution to the ecommerce revenue. ”

Ed Trentelman, Commercial Director Bookit (Holidaybreak Ltd, Cox & Kings)


Turning data into action. Shopping Minds’ Google Analytics plug-in makes data “smart” and is the base for all our propositions.